Indywood Bhasha Puraskar has been announced

Indywood Bhasha Puraskar, which offers the highest prize money in Malayalam literature world has been announced. Retired IAS officer, K. Jayakumar was presented with the award for collective contribution to Malayalam language. He was entitled to Bhasha Kesari Puraskar, which includes Five lakhs and one rupees cash prize, certificate and the award. “Even without having a direct connection  with language, even after spending a major time of his life in a very responsible work position, the fact that he was able to contribute to different stratums of the language is what earned him the award.” Says Indywood’s founder, Dr. Sohan Roy.
“The existence of a language depends entirely on the community of the people who is in love with it. Even though in love with our language, majority of us are in a situation to earn our daily bread choosing fields not directly connected to language. Even though the fields of works are very different, by sitting in those positions, the number of linguaphiles who can reflect the love for language determines the existence of it. We have decided to award this year’s Bhasha Puraskar to such a deserving person who has reminded that responsibility to the society through his activities.
Even after holding a reputed official position yearned the most by any young person, even after getting a life splendid with honour, fame and security, K.Jayakumar decided to extend a hand to the language and pull it up along with him. This was the reason why he was chosen to receive this award.
An exemplary talent who started writing a book about Kumaranaashan at the tender age of 17. By writing more than 25 books, writing songs for more than a 100 movies, rendering numerous light music through Akashvani, being a director, script writer, orator, translator and a linguistic researcher, he has established his signature in various fields. He has made contributions to the columns of Kerala Kaumudi and similar reputed newspapers.
“He is also becoming a role model to the youngsters by passing on the message that, whichever one’s field of work is, to adorn mother tongue with the scent of sandalwood, an individual only requires intense love for language and sheer dedication”, says Sohan Roy.
Personalities who made a mark on 15 other categories in the literature field, were also felicitated in the event. Each of the awards include ten thousand rupees cash prize and certificates. The list of award winners are as such; Gireesh Puliyoor is the best poet and his work “Karamanayaar” earned him the prize. M.D Rajendran, who wrote the song “Kuri varachaalum” is the best song writer and for the novel,”Samudra Shila”, Subhash Chandran was selected as the best lyricist. The best autobiography is Nambi Narayanan’s “ormakalude bhramanapadam”. “Komali melkai nedunna Kaalam” won Bipin Chandran the award for best article. Jobin S Kottaram’s “samagram, Madhu ram Malayalam” which contains 2 volumes, was selected as the best educational book. In the “best story” category, Sayra’s anthology of stories called “Tirike” won the prize. Best movie script award was bagged by Muhammed Shafeeq’s “Aama”.
Best critic (V.U Surendran, Vaakkinte Jalasparsham), best scientific literature(Dr. K Sreekumar, Arangu), best travelogue writer (K Viswanath, Yatra – Indian Charitra Smaarakangalilude), best children’s literature author (Sajeevan Mokeri, Kunjikurukkanum kootukarum), best translator( Dr. Minipriya R, Kankanam (Perumal Murugan), best language research (Dr. Nitya P Viswom, Parody Malayala Kavithayil), best comedy writer (Naina Mannancherry, Punkans on country) etc. are the other awards.


N S Sumesh Krishnan’s anthology of poems called Chandrakaantham and R Ajith Kumar’s “Biriyani thinnuna bali kaakkakal” also received special mention from the jurors.

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