Astrology Is A Way Of Life According To The International Celebrity Astrologer Acharya P Khurrana Who Stressed Upon The Same During The SPIRITUAL SESSION In Mumbai Along With His Disciple Shilpa Dhar

Known as the author of 34 books related to astrology and an International celebrity astrologer, Acharya P. Khurrana is an eminent personality and is continuously working for the welfare of mankind. Acharya Khurrana’s knowledge in kundali, horoscope, vastu tips and kaal sarp dosh is amazing. His practical spiritual teachings are so strong that the predictions made by him are never wrong. Astro India is conceptualized by Acharya Khurrana.
Recently, Acharya Khurrana had a spiritual session at Juhu Millennium Club in Mumbai, where he spoke about astrology and its impact on our modern life-style. Acharya Khurrana’s disciple, Shilpa Dhar was also present on the occasion.
Acharya Khurrana is in the field of astrology for more than 30 years. He says that today people do not have the patience, everything is needed immediately. “Earlier, parents used to discuss and decide about the marriages. However, today it is a reverse era, children discuss and talk. The words of elders should be obeyed. “I give spiritual lessons to those who have any discomfort or any problem,” tells Acharya Khurrana.
Acharya Khurrana’s spiritual sessions are held in Delhi, Mumbai and Chandigarh. Every person has his or her own way of doing things. He preferrs in person counselling, instead of giving online counseling. He says, “In online you cannot touch anyone’s thinking, it makes a lot of difference. In online people’s attention is not completely on the matter.”
Today every person in the world is in tension due to their carrier and allied discilines of life and as such he advices the young generation for jobs and careers. Acharya Khurrana says, “every person should develop a strong will power  and realise his potential and talent. One should always follow one’s passion.” Acharya Khurrana referred to Holy Bhagavadgita wherein Lord Krishna says, “I want you to do what I want. Of course, do what you can. If you pull the thread too much, it will break.”
Khurrana ji wants to translate and publish, all his thirty four English books in Hindi also.”
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According to Acharya Khurrana’s disciple, Shilpa Dhar, she would like to be Khurrana’s student till her last breath.
Shilpa stressed upon gratefully, “It will be my good fortune and God’s boon if he continues to be my Guru for lives to come. My identity is with my Guru, my name has become very big by being associated with Acharya Khurrana ji. His blessings are with me. His hand is on my head and my existence is due to my Guru.”
“Spirituality is something that only human beings can achieve. Because human beings have consciousness, brain, and the power to understand. Only a person can move towards spirituality who knows the difference between right and wrong. For spirituality it is necessary to have a Guru. In today’s era, spirituality is necessary because man has forgotten why he has come to this earth. What is the essence of man’s life? Eating and drinking, marrying to have children, is not the essence of man’s life. It is to meet the Lord. Anyone can contribute to this world. Without spirituality, there can be no speed in one’s life. It is necessary to have purity in mind and soul. Being devotional towards Guru and parents is the need of the hour. The first condition of spirituality is to forget oneself and to surrender to the Lord. Eliminate the ego from inside. Be selfless and do good to the people. Patience is the most important element of spirituality. One should be hardworking and disciplined in life. Do all the work in the world as a human being, but be spiritual from inside. A sense of dedication without any test is necessary. Karma yoga is higher than bhakti yoga. So be a karma yogi, whatever work you do, put your blood, sweat in everything. Do good to people, keep your karma good, be humble, you will get peace and satisfaction in life. Today everyone is a victim of depression, people go to psychologists, counselors, take medicines but when you talk of  spirituality, people don’t go,” tells Shilpa at length.
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“Astrology is a way of life,” according to the International celebrity astrologer, Acharya P. Khurrana, who stressed upon the same during the “Spiritual Session” in Mumbai, along with his disciple Shilpa Dhar.

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