Monetas Global Has Organized An Event Pan India Business Conference In Pune

During the lockdown, the family was taught to play games along with eating together. That trend is continued till now. Since that time Ludo has become everyone’s favorite and every age group wants to play it. Now let’s make it more interesting, suppose there is income while playing it, who would not want to play it. That idea was seen in Pune’s Orchid Hotel, where an event was organized by Monetas Global in which a Ludo Game was introduced where you can earn money while playing.

Let us tell you that Monetas Global has recently organized the Pan India Business Conference, in which a large number of people reached, in this program, there was a discussion about the entire project of Monetas Global, apart from this, Mayur Srivastava, CEO of Monetas Global was also present at the event. He gave information about the game of Ludo and also informed us about the MNTG token going to be listed in Probit Exchange, in this program of Monetas Global not only from Pune but also from all over India people came.

MNTG Holders also shared their experiences in this program, which was very effective and motivating and those who did good work in MNTG Holder were given gifts and awards from Monetas Global.

On August 15, 2022, the company established a farming project whose CEO Mayur Srivastava and founder members Ramesh Kumar Chavan, Jagdish Thackrey, Suyog Mengde, Prakash Rathod, Vishal Pawar, Anand Jagtap and Deepak Mengde were also present. They shared their experiences and talked about the achievements of Monetas Global.


Monetas Global Has Organized An Event Pan India Business Conference In Pune

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