Angel Star Invited As Celebrity Guest On Woman’s International Day In New York

South Asian Woman’s Organization had a v nice event in New York on 27th March 2023 and Angel Star [Tetarbe],

[ Miss Glamourface World INDIA,

International Peace Ambassador..2021 ]

was invited as Celebrity Guest in the event which included cultural show by the children n great dinner.

Angel says-“ I felt v happy n honored to be here tonite in the event.

Thank u  founder &  Chairman Miss Suhaag Mehta,Sponsors and South Asian Organization for such a warm welcoming.

She gave a beautiful introduction about me on the stage n gave me a beautiful name too as “Angel Star”


Thank u so much dear for your kind big heart.

So sweet of u .

God is great n kind.

On International Womans Day,

I congratulate every woman with their Outstanding Achievements inspiring this World.”

For me the greatest example of Woman Empowerment is my mother -Jyotsna Bala Tetarbe.

She is back in India in Mumbai.

Waiting for her to come to USA soon.

I love u mom .whatever am today it’s because of you Mom.

My all Awards n Achievements all for you .

You r my strength.

And my sister -Honey Tetarbe too strong support to me in my life .

My sweetheart.

My mom taught me that being human is the most important Quality of a human Being.

Be happy n humble n help others as much as possible “.

And another example  here in New York I have seen is Miss Suhaag Mehta.

She is a woman of  substance,very Hard working.

brave n strong woman.

I can see her hard work for todays grand show n thousands of shows that she has done in her past with love ,dedication n devotion .

Thank u so much for inviting to such fabulous  beautiful event .

Gods blessings.

Thank u my lovely parents my mom & my dad for always supporting me in. My life.

USA n INDIA stands together for World Peace .

Let’s be one n spread Peace,Love n Happiness in This World,

Pls Join Hands with me For Mission World Peace.

Hv a great life.

Angel Tetarbe

International Peace Ambassador”2021″ (USA)

Miss Glamourface World -Best Ambassador Queen”.2022″ (Germany)


Angel Star Invited As Celebrity Guest On Woman’s International Day In New York

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